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Health reports 27-January 2nd February 2014

Public Health England (PHE)
The segment tool: segmenting life expectancy gaps by cause of deathThis tool aims to help local authorities identify causes of death that contribute most to their life expectancy gaps in their region. It provides charts and tables which segment the life expectancy gap from January 2009 to December 2011 by the major causes of death. A summary report is also available for each upper tier local authority.this pinpoints any discrepancies with national averages.

NHS England'Any town' toolkit allows clinical commissioning groups to map how interventions
could improve local health services and close the financial gap
The toolkit includes five connected modules: A methodology guide which introduces the work of the Any town project and explains the principles and methodology behind the project and the model. It describes how the interventions were selected and the detailed methodology of how the model calculated the result; An urban model module; A suburban model module; A rural model module and A further information guide which provides information on the case studies used for the interventions.

Social Policy reports 27January-2nd February 2014

Britishness and Identity Assimilation among the UK’s Minority and Majority ethnic groups Alita Nandi and Lucinda Platt ISER University of Essex Understanding Society Working paper.

Migration- a Liberal Challenge
Centreforum publication.

Do families with a disabled child face greater socio-economic disadvantage? And how does
the risk of disadvantage vary with age? Institute of Education working paper

Government 27 January-2nd February 2014

Asset Purchase Facility Quarterly Report - 2013 Q4 Bank of England.

Public Accounts Committee - Thirty-Ninth Report The Sovereign Grant

Falling short : the Mets healthcare of detainees in custody - London Assembly Police and Crime Committee report.

Forecasting in government to achieve value for money National Audit Office report.

Home Affairs Committee - Thirteenth Report
The work of the Permanent Secretary

Falling short: The Met’s healthcare of detainees in custody

Work and Pensions Committee - Second Report
The role of Jobcentre Plus in the reformed welfare system

Councils’ expenditure on benefits administration: Using data from the Value for Money (VFM) Profiles January 2014Audit Commission

Public Accounts Committee - Fortieth Report Maternity services in England
Falling short: The Met’s healthcare of detainees in custody - See more at: http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor-assembly/london-assembly/publications/falling-short-the-met-s-healthcare-of-detainees-in-custody#sthash.vYVeVyRp.dpuf
Falling short: The Met’s healthcare of detainees in custody - See more at: http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor-assembly/london-assembly/publications/falling-short-the-met-s-healthcare-of-detainees-in-custody#sthash.vYVeVyRp.dpuf
Falling short: The Met’s healthcare of detainees in custody - See more at: http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor-assembly/london-assembly/publications/falling-short-the-met-s-healthcare-of-detainees-in-custody#sthash.vYVeVyRp.dpuf

Economics reports 27 January-1st February 2014

CBI Launch new growth indicator.

The CBI launched a new monthly economic indicator on 28 January, which will aggregate its survey indicators of economic activity into a whole economy index. This will bring together into a single series results for output volumes as reported on a monthly basis for the manufacturing, distribution, consumer, business & professional services sectors. It offers an early perspective on the pace of economic growth and covers a substantial proportion of the economy.

Implications of a financial transaction tax for the European regulatory reform agenda City Of London Research

NEST annual report on automatic enrolment in pension schemes.

Who saves for retirement?- eligible non savers Strategic Society Centre

The UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey(UKCESS) 2013 gives a picture of skills needs and training investment in UK business. Topics covered in the survey include training and staff development, vacancies and skills shortages, employee skill gaps and the recruitment of education leavers
The impact of firm migration on the City of London City of London research.

European tax survey: The benefits of stability Deloitte survey of European Nations regimes.

British Influence scorecard- released by British Influence which is campaigning for British role in the EU looks at Europe’s policies sector by sector assesses the degree of British influence in each and also to test whether that influence is increasing or declining

Cities Outlook 2014- special focus on London. Centre for Cities. Annual report on economic prospects. covers 64 largest towns and cities in the UK.

CityUk legal services 2014- report details the contribution of legal services to the UK economy.

Startup Britain releases 2013 map of where the most entrepeneurs or startup business have been founded.

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Social science sites of the week

This week in the news
Holocaust Memorial day
See these recommended resources for remembering the holocaust every day.

Costa Rica elections coming on 2nd February
We have a collection of links to free academic research resources.

Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports 2013
Latest release of the annual ranking by Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania. Based on a survey of over 1, 950 scholars, public and private donors, policy makers using a set of 18 criteria. See rankings by region and subject area. All reports from 2008 onwards and be downloaded from the website.

Huffington Post launch World Post
See this coverage from the Independent it is a joint project between The Huffington Post and the billionaire financier Nicolas Berggruen. It aims to bring to a wider public voices from the Berggruen Institute on Governance as well as cover world news.  The institute supports the 21st Century Council and Council for the Future of Europe so online forums between world leaders are planned.

BBC World War One iWonder interactive guides launched
The BBC world war one website has masses of useful content. See timelines, oral history accounts,  links to recent TV programmes and podcasts http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/ww1 . Coverage includes history, women's history, popular culture and more. Content being continuously added.
The new iwonder guides aim to offer more interactive content. See this example  which considers how did so many survive the trenches?  Also How the war changed life for women.

International Political Science Association conference papers. 2012 now available from the paper room of the IPSA website which also holds a wide range of papers from conferences dating from 2006 onwards. Search by theme or title. Key topics for 2012 included gender, religion and identity, However there is also extensive coverage of political parties, elections, political communication and more!

Freedom in the World report 2014 Just issued by Freedom House see the rankings. For civil liberties in nations worldwide. The report also has details of the methodology used and a useful graphic map of freedoms.
Other useful country rankings which examines civil liberties include the US Department of State reports country reports on human rights practices.
International Religious Freedom Reports.  
and of course the well regarded annual report from Amnesty International which covers human rights worldwide. For media rights see the Reporters without Frontiers annual press freedom index and the Freedom House Freedom of the press data section.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Digital Collections
Now free online over 400 NLM publications and productions dating from the 1860s to the 1990s.
These include online public health information films used by the American government during WW2 and Materials relating to the treatment of cholera 1817-1900
They include large numbers of public health materials relating to treatments and services. HIV/AIDS
in the UK excellent historic full text medical sites are offered by the Wellcome Institute who recently launched London’s Pulse which has full text Medical Officer report s 1848-1972.
They also have an enormous collection of online medical images. including AIDS posters.

France Université Numerique (FUN) website.
Offers free online educational courses from French universities. These cover a range of scientific and social science topics. Each course gives details of level. On January 16, SciencesPo (Paris) launched a course on Espace Mondiale given by Bertrand Badie. which covers international affairs

Greek television archive launches. 
The ERT Poulidis and Sarrikostas archives are available online for anyone who wishes to visit the website, recording the highlights of modern Greek history. They include Greek shows, documentaries, reportages, invaluable sound files from the radio broadcast archive as well as photographs .

Other major European TV archives can be located on EU screen which has numerous examples of TV news archives from 28 major bodies in EU nations.

Is a new peer-reviewed, open-access and cross-disciplinary journal, published every four months by the association Globus et Locus. it naims to explore globalisation , localism, politics innovation and culture. It will have twitter feeds and audio content. The Editorial committee includes Arjun Appadurai Goddard Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University; Zygmunt Bauman Emeritus Professor at the University of Leeds and  Manuel Castells Professor of Sociology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona.  The first issue covers glocalization and hybridity.

French Revolution Digital Archive web site (FRDA)
A great new site which is a collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) to produce a digital version of two key research sources of the French Revolution.The archive is based around two  pre-existing projects:  the Archives parlementaires, (this is a chronologically ordered collection of documents, letters, reports relating to all aspects of the revolution. The massive collection of historical sources was started 1862 at the request of the French legislature, and by 1914 had reached 82 volumes.  After a long period of dormancy, the project was taken up again in 1962 by the Institut d’histoire de la Revolution française at the Université de Paris I and its progress is ongoing) and Images de la Revolution française. (over 14,000 prints illustrations, medals and visual objects) it is possible to browse by time, person, type of object .

Explore history or remember your past on the Apple Mac 30th birthday pages. Business Insider has a video of the new tie wearing Steve Jobs presenting it to the Boston Computer Society

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Remembering the Holocaust - try these resources.

This week we remembered the Holocaust.
See the official UN remembrance site. This has a collection of educational materials . These include study guides and multimedia on women and the holocaust
UNESCO resources and resolutions relating to Holocaust education.

The London Jewish Cultural centre has an educational website which expalins the holocaust to children.
The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust also has a website with educational materials for teachers.These include case studies for different age ranges. The 2014 theme was journeys and there is a study pack relating to this theme. The Institute of Education has a Holocaust Education programme for teachers. Some materials can be viewed free of charge online
The United Kingdom Holocaust centre also provides further information and some online resources for teaching
For Higher education research. Good starting points are the specialist Wiener Library. the library has produced a number of online guides.See the virtual resources section for some online materials. these link to external projects

The Holocaust Encyclopaedia
maintained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Has a wealth of resources, These include a special learning section for students.
The British Library has a voices of the Holocaust oral history collection from survivors.

Yad Yashem has an extensive digital archive of materials for researchers.
These include a central database of victims names. A photographic archive. video lectures from historians.
The USC Shoah Foundation Institute develops online exhibits using testimonies from the Visual istory Archive its website includes testimonies from survivors of Auschwitz.